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beniceorshutup's Journal

If you don't have something nice to say...
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Discuss and debate issues without being called an 'rtard'.
Are you sick of mean and pretentious people who'd rather look cool than debate? Do you have any idea what "ad hominem" and "parti pris" are? Do you think you can handle arguing without resorting to calling someone an 'rtard',a 'n00b', 'gay', or a (my favorite) a 'fucktard'? Are you bored with snark?


Welcome to the polite debate community. You can debate anything that you want here - philosophy, politics, music, fashion, your mother - it's all good. You can swear. You can rant (BUT STAY ON TOPIC OR DIE). You can rub naked body parts on your computer screen. I really don't give a flying feck...

[Note: This community has been inactive for a while and is currently being revived. Read the post on this subject here.]

There are few limitations, the most important of which being the first:

1) BE NICE OR SHUT UP. The very first time a person is observed as being mean, condescending or insulting they will be banned.

2) Posts in attempts to stir up flame wars will result in a BANNING. This includes posts where you play stupid and try to provoke people, ones where you twist the community guidelines in an attempt to be mean without being mean, and many other situations that will be defined under the mods' descretion.

3) Talking about your personal life is frowned upon unless it is obviously necessary to the point you are making.

4) Don't mock spelling. Just because a person can't spell or punctuate correctly doesn't mean they don't have an opinion.

5) No advertising other communities without permission. If they aren't related to the ideas or ideals of this community don't even bother asking.

6) All images must be behind a cut. All of them.


Sorry to be such a commie about it. I just feel that, in order to have contructive debate, people must always remain polite. People are more than welcomed to make jokes and have fun, but not at the expense of others. Patience, civility, and tolerance are heavily encouraged.

At the moment we are short on mods, but if you have a problem contact rocksalt. Posts accusing someone of being mean will be deleted. If someone is breaking community rules it doesn't mean it's ok to break the rules and insult them back. Just ignore it or kill them with kindness until someone can get to it.

So, spread knowledge, spread love, and spread useless information. The world needs it.

(moderator: rocksalt)

[Interesting in being a mod? Let me know.]


Wiki list of fallacies. Try to check this out.

Encyclopedia Dramatica entry about debate, formally lj_debate. Lj_debate was deleted due to too many trolls and too much drama. I'm surprised debate hasn't been censored yet. I encourage everyone to read a few posts to see how bad it gets there and why this community is necessary. The article suggests beniceorshutup was created as an 'inferior clone'. Admittedly, rocksalt is an ex-member of lj_debate that created this community out of a genuine desire for constructive debate. This all happened in 2003.