Ianga La' Her (iangalaher) wrote in beniceorshutup,
Ianga La' Her

Which gender suffers more due to gender roles...?

I think that most people's answer to this question is "women". This makes sense because of the constant attack on women's self esteem due to the media's "perfect body" standard that is impossible for most woman to obtain. I have heard many women speak out about how this is hurtful to them.

On the other hand, it would make sense to assume men are not affected negatively by gender roles, as we seldom hear about it (if not at all).

But let us step back and take a look at why we hear women speak about the fallacies of gender roles.

From my own observations, it is acceptable for a women to discuss their feelings with others. If women's feelings are hurt, they are "allowed" to express it.
On the other hand, if a man speaks out about his feelings being hurt, he is looked down upon, "womanized" and ridiculed.
I personally remember many times when I would beat myself up for "being a pussy". And what made it so much worse is not being able to discuss it with anybody, as talking about my feelings being hurt was considered weak and un-manly.

Perhaps men and women suffer the same due to gender roles. Men are just not allowed to express it, so we, as a society, are not aware that it happens.

What do you think?
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