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21st July 2008


9th June 2008

rocksalt5:00pm: When Religion Becomes Evil
When Religion Becomes Evil is a book by a guy named Charles Kimball, a Baptist minister and Middle East expert.

This book spans tradition and history to show "how all religious traditions are susceptible to these basic corruptions and why only authentic faith can prevent such evil." It goes even further in asserting five warning signs of corruption of religion:

1. Absolute Truth Claims
2. Blind Obedience
3. Establishing the "Ideal" Time
4. The End Justifies Any Means
5. Declaring Holy War

Good stuff. I can see how each of these five warning signs is applicable to particular schools of faith throughout history I disagree with.

The one I take issue with is number two. I understand the author is mainly referring to sects and cults, but blind obedience is something you will find in most major religions as well. The author himself is a Baptist Minister - does not the main belief of Christianity (that Jesus Christ was the son of God and died for our sins) rely on pure faith with no scientific basis to back it up? Is it not blindly obedient to ever refer to oneself as any particular religion?

4th June 2008

rocksalt2:10am: Opinion of the State of Comedy Central
With the insane and unwavering popularity of controversially controversial television shows such us South Park and The Family Guy I've noticed other shows that seem to be riding the wave.

Some shows go too far and cross the line. Carlos Mencia, and Sara Silverman seem to just be all about pissing people off and shock value. The writers for Drawn Together seem to just arbitrarily pick obviously sensitive subjects out of a hat and make insensitve references and shock-gags based on them. When you watch you aren't laughing because it's funny, you're laughing because it surprises you and makes you feel uncomfortable. It seems that even Family Guy is going too far now to try and stay ahead of the curve - some examples being the "prom date dumpster baby", and "you've got AIDS" songs.

The difference is that a lot of these shows don't have any real comedy, just shocking statements and gross-out humor. Often times the shallow storylines simply allow for this humor and are secondary to the concept of the show.

Even South Park with it's absolutely abhorrent and tasteless humor has a good meaningful moral at the end of most episodes!

3rd June 2008

rocksalt6:18am: Hey, look, a long lost community!
Hey guys.

I want to bring this community back. I admit I was an inattentive and lazy maintainer and didn't even really try to advertise in the first place so this idea never really got the chance to take off, but I feel that a group like this is becoming more and more necessary on Livejournal based on some horrible debates I've had in other communities recently.

It's been a while and I don't even know how many of the few members of the community still have active journals. What I'm going to do is try to post my own topics every few days and do a lot of polite spamming in related communities.

If anyone is still out there try to post a couple links to here if you don't mind.

I'm going to get the defibrillators out.


Hopefully we can resurrect the beast.



5th July 2006

oncebluemoon1:34am: topic: watching two women kiss, is more acceptable/easier to stomach/less shocking than watching two men kiss, in american society.

sexuality doesn't have to be a factor

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12th May 2005

trinacria_vamp6:52pm: Classical Topic
Hey, I'm new here, My name's Sandra, and I'd like to bring a classical topic...homosexuals and homophobia...I'm making a research about it...and I'd really like to know both sides of the story...please feel free of saying anything you want...it'll be really usefull
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24th November 2004

justaskfirst8:57am: sound familiar?
on a friend's college campus, some rule was presented to prohibit "the overt male gaze". He is frustrated and insulted byt the overt sexism inherent in this decree. I do not have a copy of the actual statement, if he posts it I will present it for clarification. my response to him:

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19th October 2004

social_vomit8911:15am: NewbyCollapse )

6th October 2004

malvella4:13am: Hi there! I am new here!
Hi Everyone! I have been reading your entries for a while now and decided to join.

I am currently working on my dissertation, which is about how socio-cultural influences affect people's lives in today's capitalist society. Within this concept, the idea of "brainwash society" will be explored.

Predominantly, I want to look at western consumerist culture's obsession with the female body / body image.

I have created 2 questionnaires to support my dissertation. Can I ask you to fill them in? It won't take longer than 5 minutes, I promise! And the questionnaires are anonymous.

Here is the address:


Once the work is done (hopefully by January 2005) you will be able to read it on my site.

Thanks for your help!!
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5th May 2004

oncebluemoon3:24am: topic
where do y'all stand on the current same-sex marriage debate, if at all?
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4th January 2004

penser_a_rien7:26pm: Hey everyone . . .
I thought that some of you might be interested in joining my new community. It's about fashion, music, style, etc. . . . but it's for nice people who won't put down others' sense of style.
Check it out: fashionsweets

P.S. I think this is a really cool idea for a community.
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17th December 2003

fraunahgooyen5:47pm: So, I was in this LJ community where this one member was being a total ass by making really mean, unconstructive comments in a couple of different entries.

I asked for peoples' opinions and the majority basically responded with

- you can't censor other people's opinion
- the real world is harsh. that's reality. get over it.
- yeah, some people only have negative things to say, but who cares? this is the internet

I can see the point in all of those, but what ever happened to common courtsey!? Am I the only person who believes in it still? It just doesn't make sense to me that because this is the Internet we don't have to be civil humna beings anymore.

I'd like to know what you guys think.

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11th December 2003

iangalaher12:36am: Which gender suffers more due to gender roles...?
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19th November 2003

iangalaher11:19pm: Why Does Sexism Exist?
Sexist men are afraid of women.
We (men) are afraid of rejection. The only way we know how to deal with our fear of rejection is to objectify what we are afraid of (woman) into something more managable.
The way a person turns something they are afraid of into something they can manage is by being thinking, "It is worth less than I am." or "It does not have feelings like I do.". There are other ways people objectify things they are afraid of, but I will stick to sexism for this post.
As soon as you say a person has less worth than you, you feel more powerful than them.
It's like this... You see somebody standing in front of you, and you get the impression they want to hurt you (whether or not they actually do want to hurt you is a different story...). You immediately engage in conflict with this person. And in order not to feel badly for hurting your opponent, you lessen their worth (in your own mind). This is when we can harm the other person and not feel so bad. Forms of harm include denying a person a job, failing then on a test, not giving them the right to vote, etc., etc., etc.
But what tends to happen when we engage in battle? People just start hitting each other, until both parties are bruised and bloody. Who wins doesn't matter so much, as the damage has already been done. This paragraph, by the way, is only a model for the results of conflict. Please take note of this before responding.
And who knows, maybe the whole thing could have been avoided in the first place.
If men didn't react to women with fear, perhaps they wouldn't react to fear with aggression.

What do you think?

P.S. I use the term "we" in a general sense. I personally do not think I'm sexist.

16th October 2003

spitonastranger9:42pm: music
what does everyone think of the current music scene? I.E. the prevelance of hardcore and "danse" music. how much longer until the trends die? any good bands in these genres? whats next?

2nd September 2003

rocksalt3:57pm: anyone use livejournal daily that would like to help maintain this community? if so, respond to this post by telling me the most selfless thing you've ever done.

sorry... i only need one person.

30th August 2003

spitonastranger10:56pm: its a movie.
so what does everyone think about the california recall election? i hear arnold is a running man (get it?!!).
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yaoishonen8:06pm: Debate: Would it be possible for one person to rule the world?

My stance: No. The planet is much too large to have one single person rule over it. It would have to be divided into smaller parts, with people who answer to you enforcing the rules. Then, one territory may wish to overthrow the 'Ruler of the world' or some other nonsense like that, and what's to stop them from annexing other territories and taking the empire from the ruler? I hope I'm coherent here. My point is, ultimately the world shall go back to being divided into different countries, because it's too damned big.

briguyman6:47pm: The Saddest Thing Ever
I used to love this community. It used to be one of the few places I could argue with people, and they wouldn't get petty and negative, like the recent unpleasantness. Wapato Willie was unnecessarily insulted by The Lord and even more unnecessarily by jerzeeegrrrrrrl. He did come on a little strong, but he apologized. Just chill out everyone. The name of the community is, after all, Be Nice or Shut Up. Just chill out and get intelligent again.

22nd August 2003

subvoce7:51pm: a ton avis
Is it better (morally, socially and politically) to get drunk or to get high?
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21st August 2003

rocksalt4:10pm: what do you guys all think about insects?

i get into discussionss with my vegan friends often about the difference between bugs and animals. it's as if they're drones that are completely incapable of being domesticated. sometimes i get the feeling that vegans shouldn't feel guilty about eating insects - that insects are more plant than animal. i mean, most animals can be tamed with a lot of hard work, but insects work purely off instinct and if they haven't evolved into a higher form of intelligence over the 210 million years they've existed wouldn't it be safe to assume that they won't?

science knows how insect society functions, but their brains are another story. so we might not ever know either way... but still, what do you think?

13th August 2003

spitonastranger2:09am: vegetarianism and its related sub-genres
i would like everyone's opinion on this subject. right now i don't eat red meat, and was considering the jump to full vegetarianism for a while when a though occured to me: we humans are animals, and animals eat other animals. but, are we smarter enough than wild or domestic animals to figure out not to eat our fellow creatures? any opinions?
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27th July 2003

dawren6144:30am: I suppose I'll ask my first question in this community
I am curious as to what you all think about male/female gender roles in our current society

with how men and women are conventionally expected to act, dress, think, etc...Or what you normally expect a man or woman to appear as, and when some "cross-dress" or women work in construction and men take ballet, the conflicts that may result.

Are they a necessity? stupid? here-nor-there? share your thoughts
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chilledglove8:35am: hey
I'm new. I went to the "debate" forum, found it was full of preppy/bitching wannabes, but a moderator jokingly mentioned this community for "semi-literate" people who like "curse words"...from what I can see, the people in the debate forum are whiney and full of shit, and the people here are chilled. I just responded to the last entry here, btw...I didn't realise the thread ended 10 days ago.
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15th July 2003

beltanera7:55pm: should drugs be legalised?
i think so because it means the government can use heroin instead of methodone and stuff. they did experiments and its far easier to quit using pure uncut heroin.
plus people who like cannabis, which is essentially harmless (save for a few psychological sidenotes), can't be arrested for it.
i think it would do a lot to seperate drugs from the crime world, too.
any thoughts?
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